To beard or not to beard, that is the question.


Gone were the days when bearded men were branded “male hipsters”, young men  in their teens and twenties, obsessive trend-watchers with an appetite for counter-culture, obsessed with their personal appearance specifically, their beard. Today, the beard have become a trending and sought after item, causing some clean shaven men to start feeling effeminate amongst bearded men.  The days when bearded men were seen as fugitives and unkempt, have been replaced today with compliments and amazement. However, some men look awesome with beards than everyone and just as different strokes are for different folks, to beard or not may be the best option for you. There are different facial beard patterns for particular face shapes and preferences of persons.

  • Care of the beard

Beard care involves a considerable amount of due diligence and grooming, just as car care, facial care and care for body shape. Only well kept beards attract admirers. As beard grows, there is an increased need for softening and taming making beard oils, beard balms and beard vitamins very essential for people sprouting beards. These will help you deal with skin issues associated with bearding, fresh scent and keeping the beard and face fresh and invigorated. Steps in caring for your beards include; washing your face with warm water and an exfoliating product, drying the skin gently as doing that too hard, will irritate the skin and beards. Later, recommended amount of beard oil should be placed on the palm and rubbed on the beards making sure that no side is excluded. Never forget too, to make use of the plenty grooming tools available in trimming and grooming your beards.

Keeping a perfect beard for your face shape

  • Perfect Square:

If your face is among the group that have same dimensions as it goes down, your chin has got work to do in breaking that symmetry. Allowing your beard grow longer on the chin, as opposed to on your cheeks. Doing so will give your face the impression of length that it’s lacking in reality.

  • flat circle :

Your face has the shape of an orange, basketball or a perfect representation of the letter O?, maybe you have thought that beards are not your thing. A strong facial hair choice maybe a longer beard or loosely-styled stubble, carefully taken care of with beard oil can work wonders disrupting the monotony of the face.

  • Oblong and lean face:

Your face shape has gotten enough attention because of its excess length and the least you will want again is to add more length. If you are itching to go jaw locks, close-cropped all-over follicles are the way to go, eschewing additional length on the chin.

  • The Egg face:

The perfectly crafted oval face, is just the best site for any beard pattern. You can practically do whatever you want with you facial hair and get away with it.


Beard is the trending thing now and everyone wants to get on the train. However, some people are skeptical on whether a beard will fit their face shape. Finding the best beard pattern for your face and taking care of it meticulously with beard oils and balm.

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What the Ingredients in Your Beard Growth Oil Do

Maintaining facial hair is equally important, especially if you like a longer beard related to a trimmed skin. Beard oil is one of the products that can provide you and it is easy to manage your beard. The skin can absorb the oil and give lots of advantages to the beard, including its growth.

However, just like any other product, the ingredients in your oil are essentially the determinants of what the oil will do to your beard and how active it really is to achieve the results you want. In essence, beard growth oils are invented of essential oils as well as carrier oils that blend effortlessly to deliver incredible benefits. This is what the ingredients in your oil really will do with your beard.

Argon Oil

It is an oil that is found in numerous skin moisturizers due to its Vitamin E that acts to moisturize and soften the skin. For instance, for your beard, the fat content of this oil will stimulate the skin and all at once diminish the discomfort that accompanies outbreaks of hair follicles. Neither is it greasy or irritating that prepares it a popular ingredient in beard oils. The oils are quickly absorbed into the skin without leaving a greasy fat feeling.

Castor Oil

This is another popular ingredient in beard oils that are completely natural. It is possibly due to the speed with which it penetrates the skin under the beard, which relieves the hairs wild, thick and dry hairs. Castor oil has properties as well that eliminate itching, dandruff and simultaneously also promote the growth of the beard. A more manageable and stylish beard means less breakage and, therefore, a more masculine beard finally.

Almond Oil

Almond oil works by softening and straightening the facial hair without split ends or knots. Beard growth oils containing this ingredient are usually suitable for all beard hairs, as well as coarse and fine hairs. The oil leaves the beard looking and feeling healthier and stimulates the growth of facial hair as well.

Shea Butter

It is a very popular ingredient in most beauty products. Once used in beard oils, Shea butter alters wild and ruffled whiskers into smooth beards, without tangles and soft. It has also moisturizing properties, which makes it an excellent ingredient for the growth and administration of facial hair.

Tea Tree Oil

Promotes growth of the beard by falling redness, itching, and dandruff. This oil moisturizes, heals and repairs damaged beards leaving them smooth as well as shiny. Considering that it is absorbed fast in the skin, it does not leave greasy fatty residues in the beard.

Jojoba Oil

Growing a beard may be hard when there is too much jojoba and itching oil saves the situation by removing itching from the source. Also, it moisturizes and eliminates dandruff and flakes.

Other ingredients that are really great for beard oils are grape seed oil, wheat germ oil, olive oil, and vitamin E, in addition to various types of essential oils. It is vital to check all the ingredients in your best beard oil before ordering to know just what you can benefit from.…

Don’t Miss the Great Moments in Your Bearded Journey

One of the most popular gift categories this year is male grooming. This is due in part to the proliferation of beard grooming products that have gained popularity in recent years. Beards have always been popular, even required of adult men in some religious and secular practices. But today’s bearded baron has the choice of keeping it short and sweet or ridiculously weird and wonderful, depending on how much work he wants to put into it.

Beards are so popular they have their own blogs, Youtube channels and followers on Instagram. Search the net for beard grooming products, and you’ll find thousands of listings for trimmers, oils, colorants, and many patterns for shaving, shoring, and shaping. If you want to capture the fun of the bearded one in your life, go big with a professional Canon camera and really capture the essence of the journey. And if you are starting a beard grooming business or product line, you’ll want to take hi-res photographs that can be reproduced in stunning detail like you get when you use an advanced EOS digital SLR Canon camera. And if you are sponsoring a Beard Contest, you’ll really need a camera capable of taking the high-quality shots you’ll need to promote your show and showcase the winners. Now is a great time to buy one, because Groupon is offering great discounts when you apply one of their money saving promo codes when you check out online. They have codes for camera lenses and bodies starting at $69.99, and others that will take $300 off their Power Shot.

It’s a fact that a man’s beard can grow longer than he is tall, but most are cut way before that happens. The beard’s main purpose is to shade the face from the sun, help prevent injury and the spread of bacteria. It also helps signal a kind of hierarchy among men. People associate wisdom with a beard and will often turn to the man with a beard for advice, without even knowing why. Women tend to find a man sexy when he has a little scruffy beard. Most men who manage to grow a beard, and there are millions around the world, shave it off at least once in their life. If your guy does that, it’s a photo op you don’t want to miss.…


Navigating The World Of Beard Trimmers

Beard trimmers are anything but difficult to deal with and are not hard to work. It needn’t bother with a considerable measure to set up and begin. Cordless models that keep running on batteries are the most effortless to move and store. Some have connections that will help cut accurately made for mustaches, sideburns and the back of the neck. Some even have a vacuum choice that is utilized to tidy up the hair trimmed from your face or head and stores the free hair on a sack or compartment inside the unit.

Facial hair trimmers ought to have stainless steel edges with hypoallergenic foils for those with touchy skin. A few models can even be water confirmation and might be utilized as a part of the shower without bother. A whiskers trimmer can likewise be utilized for short proximity shaving. A few units have this alternative of being a facial hair trimmer and an electric shaver in one. When utilizing a facial hair trimmer as a shaver, it is best to shave directly after a shower. In the wake of showering, the skin expands more of the ventilation duct hence permitting a significantly nearer shave.Read review here!

Some of the beard trimmers don’t have customization connections yet rather accompany diverse connections to alter and keep up facial haircuts. This decides the length of hair to be left all over. The distinctive lengths are utilized to keep up various sorts of facial hair, for example, the scruffy 5 o’clock shadow look and the full whiskers.

A decent beard trimmers ought to be anything but difficult to clean. Some accompany unique oils or cleaning answers for keep your trimmer clean and keep up its quality for longer life. Keep the trimmer frequently oiled and brush the hair far from the teeth after each utilization. Cleaning hair from the unit is normally finished with an extraordinary brush that accompanies the unit or might be purchased independently. For a water confirmation facial hair trimmer, get it dry totally in the wake of utilizing it submerged. Keeping it clammy or enabling it to remain with dampness in its parts may effortlessly debase the nature of the unit.

beardA whiskers trimmers are electric hand-held device used to trim a man’s facial hair to any length without the utilization of scissors. It has different length settings and is made out of a few arrangements of thin metal edges with teeth. The edges are stacked up over each other and waver once the trimmer is turned on.Get more tips from

The swaying makes the teeth occasionally cover. A beard trimmers will trim any hair that it comes in contact with. It usually comes with a plastic guard or an attachment that you need to snap onto the blades to protect it from touching your face. The attachment is controlled by a button or switch to adjust the length of distance from the skin.

To avoid hair from being permanently lodged in your trimmer, you should make it a habit to take off accessories or parts that are not permanent attachments. Keep the parts near the trimmer’s body and in a container that is placed in an area that does not get moved around or bumped a lot.…

beard timmers

Modern Day Male Grooming – Great Tips for Using a Beard Trimmer

The best regimen for your daily, weekly, monthly and an annually personal grooming look habits where your face and your body hair will all be concerned must be adopted through all men as well as all women for lots of reasons. Good personal grooming habits are essential in maintaining good and the best physical looks then in consequence, good levels of your self-confidence so with your self-esteem. Another thing is, when you will look, smell, feel good, and take best relaxation you are most likely to attract others, be it as an employer, as a friend, or as a lover. And using beard comb and beard brushes can do a better help on you.

It’s important to emphasize that the tools used for face hair should be different from the tools used on body hair. This is not just a matter of being finicky about your personal grooming habits but more importantly because each hair grooming tool is designed with a specific purpose in mind. For example, body shavers are designed with special attachments that make it safe, fast and easy to shave hard-to-reach areas without the benefit of the mirror. Curved connection can be used to shave the back, which is one of the personal good grooming habits that many men fail to learn because of their reluctance to ask for assistance from their girlfriends or wives.

And then there is the matter of timing in your personal good grooming habits. The general rules for trimming face and body hair are:

Face – Every day unless you are growing a beard, mustache or goatee, in which case, as necessary to keep it looking well-maintained, not scruffy. This is arguably the must-do part of your daily personal grooming routine.Visit site at for more info.

Back – Every 2 to 3 weeks

Neck – Every 2 weeks so that there is only about ¼ inch of growth

Chest – Every 2 to 3 weeks although you can shorten or lengthen it depending on how your girlfriend or wife likes your chest hair which rubbing on to her sensitive, lovely breasts.

Eyebrows – for every 2 – 4 weeks although many men fail at this part of the personal grooming regimen.

Nose – Trim it as you needed but always make sure that it is part of your regular personal grooming routine.

Sex Organ – Trim as needed and according to the desired length. This is where the rules of personal grooming vis-à-vis hair can be broken, keep it longer or shorter than usual or keep it completely bald – it’s your choice.

beard timmersAn electric beard trimmers are an extraordinary apparatus for folks who are developing facial hair like a facial hair or goatee.
Trimming your facial hair physically with scissors? – I’ve tried it. Doesn’t work – a beard trimmer helps to ensure your facial hair is kept trimmed and neat and also ensure that it’s symmetrical.

Beard trimmers paired with beard comb tend to come with length selectors which enable you to select how long or short your facial hair gets trimmed. The good thing about this is that again, it helps to ensure that your facial hair is kept neat.Click site here!

In the end, the specific steps and tools you use as part of your personal grooming routine is your personal choice. Just remember that you will be judged based on your choices so choose wisely.…

beard comb

Features That You Must Consider to Buy the Best Beard Trimmer

Beards have created its real comeback for a long years and now are incredibly very popular. The manufacturers get looked to money matter as the number of customers were growing through introducing their new brands of beard trimmers as well as other gadgets in helping you to get which perfect beard you could have. But the question is- how you choose upon all those different options as you buy your new set of beard trimmer?

Grooming kits are actually a widespread device for men and one particular of the most typical grooming kit they’ve is the beard trimmer. When searching for the best beard trimmer within the market place, it must be with the rechargeable sort. The battery dies out easily. That’s you don’t need to buy expensive ones since there are cheap battery operated beard trimmers but one feature about these lower cost device.

Using a fantastic beard trimmer, you may generally have a neat look. Together with your beard trimmer, you might need to pair it having a straight edge razor considering the fact that with regards to the edges, you need a tool that will pay consideration to your chin, neck and nose hairs. Using the use of your razor, you might be able to shave off outer edges.

If you want the best beard trimmer out there, make sure that you get one that has longer battery life. There are devices which have extended lasting lithium batteries which can be applied many times without needing to recharge the battery. This types of beard trimmers are great especially if you are on travel or going on a business trip.Go to website from for more information about beard trimmers.

They should have at least four detachable combs. That’s another great feature of a beard trimmer. With these extra components, you’ll be able to be ensured of a nice trim along with your preferred length and may even give a stubble appear using a smaller comb.

With regards towards the blades, they should really be made from carbon steel to ensure that they will last to get a lengthy time while there are also available components, you’d want to possess a sturdy blade that could have longer life. There are also other terrific options that a beard trimmer has which include possessing a tiny vacuum that sucks the hair although you trim.

beard combWe already discussed on what you have to look for upon buying you beard trimmer. You have to consider what will be the features that you need as well as how much money you are willing to spend for, then you can make a shortlist with all the beard trimmers’ brand that you encounter within your requirements as well as in your budget. Then just choose the one you like best or the one with the best reviews.

On the other side of these things, if you planned on growing your long, shiny thick beard, all you need is to be sure that your trimmer which you purchase can help you in achieving such look. Some of the beard trimmers feature have detachable heads which are specifically made and designed in order to achieve your stubble look.…

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