Don’t Miss the Great Moments in Your Bearded Journey

One of the most popular gift categories this year is male grooming. This is due in part to the proliferation of beard grooming products that have gained popularity in recent years. Beards have always been popular, even required of adult men in some religious and secular practices. But today’s bearded baron has the choice of keeping it short and sweet or ridiculously weird and wonderful, depending on how much work he wants to put into it.

Beards are so popular they have their own blogs, Youtube channels and followers on Instagram. Search the net for beard grooming products, and you’ll find thousands of listings for trimmers, oils, colorants, and many patterns for shaving, shoring, and shaping. If you want to capture the fun of the bearded one in your life, go big with a professional Canon camera and really capture the essence of the journey. And if you are starting a beard grooming business or product line, you’ll want to take hi-res photographs that can be reproduced in stunning detail like you get when you use an advanced EOS digital SLR Canon camera. And if you are sponsoring a Beard Contest, you’ll really need a camera capable of taking the high-quality shots you’ll need to promote your show and showcase the winners. Now is a great time to buy one, because Groupon is offering great discounts when you apply one of their money saving promo codes when you check out online. They have codes for camera lenses and bodies starting at $69.99, and others that will take $300 off their Power Shot.

It’s a fact that a man’s beard can grow longer than he is tall, but most are cut way before that happens. The beard’s main purpose is to shade the face from the sun, help prevent injury and the spread of bacteria. It also helps signal a kind of hierarchy among men. People associate wisdom with a beard and will often turn to the man with a beard for advice, without even knowing why. Women tend to find a man sexy when he has a little scruffy beard. Most men who manage to grow a beard, and there are millions around the world, shave it off at least once in their life. If your guy does that, it’s a photo op you don’t want to miss.