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To beard or not to beard, that is the question.

Introduction Gone were the days when bearded men were branded “male hipsters”, young men  in their teens and twenties, obsessive trend-watchers with an appetite for counter-culture, obsessed with their personal appearance specifically, their beard. Today, the beard have become a trending and sought after item, causing some clean shaven men to start feeling effeminate amongstRead More

What the Ingredients in Your Beard Growth Oil Do

Maintaining facial hair is equally important, especially if you like a longer beard related to a trimmed skin. Beard oil is one of the products that can provide you and it is easy to manage your beard. The skin can absorb the oil and give lots of advantages to the beard, including its growth. However,Read More

Don’t Miss the Great Moments in Your Bearded Journey

One of the most popular gift categories this year is male grooming. This is due in part to the proliferation of beard grooming products that have gained popularity in recent years. Beards have always been popular, even required of adult men in some religious and secular practices. But today’s bearded baron has the choice ofRead More


Navigating The World Of Beard Trimmers

Beard trimmers are anything but difficult to deal with and are not hard to work. It needn’t bother with a considerable measure to set up and begin. Cordless models that keep running on batteries are the most effortless to move and store. Some have connections that will help cut accurately made for mustaches, sideburns andRead More

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