To beard or not to beard, that is the question.


Gone were the days when bearded men were branded “male hipsters”, young men  in their teens and twenties, obsessive trend-watchers with an appetite for counter-culture, obsessed with their personal appearance specifically, their beard. Today, the beard have become a trending and sought after item, causing some clean shaven men to start feeling effeminate amongst bearded men.  The days when bearded men were seen as fugitives and unkempt, have been replaced today with compliments and amazement. However, some men look awesome with beards than everyone and just as different strokes are for different folks, to beard or not may be the best option for you. There are different facial beard patterns for particular face shapes and preferences of persons.

  • Care of the beard

Beard care involves a considerable amount of due diligence and grooming, just as car care, facial care and care for body shape. Only well kept beards attract admirers. As beard grows, there is an increased need for softening and taming making beard oils, beard balms and beard vitamins very essential for people sprouting beards. These will help you deal with skin issues associated with bearding, fresh scent and keeping the beard and face fresh and invigorated. Steps in caring for your beards include; washing your face with warm water and an exfoliating product, drying the skin gently as doing that too hard, will irritate the skin and beards. Later, recommended amount of beard oil should be placed on the palm and rubbed on the beards making sure that no side is excluded. Never forget too, to make use of the plenty grooming tools available in trimming and grooming your beards.

Keeping a perfect beard for your face shape

  • Perfect Square:

If your face is among the group that have same dimensions as it goes down, your chin has got work to do in breaking that symmetry. Allowing your beard grow longer on the chin, as opposed to on your cheeks. Doing so will give your face the impression of length that it’s lacking in reality.

  • flat circle :

Your face has the shape of an orange, basketball or a perfect representation of the letter O?, maybe you have thought that beards are not your thing. A strong facial hair choice maybe a longer beard or loosely-styled stubble, carefully taken care of with beard oil can work wonders disrupting the monotony of the face.

  • Oblong and lean face:

Your face shape has gotten enough attention because of its excess length and the least you will want again is to add more length. If you are itching to go jaw locks, close-cropped all-over follicles are the way to go, eschewing additional length on the chin.

  • The Egg face:

The perfectly crafted oval face, is just the best site for any beard pattern. You can practically do whatever you want with you facial hair and get away with it.


Beard is the trending thing now and everyone wants to get on the train. However, some people are skeptical on whether a beard will fit their face shape. Finding the best beard pattern for your face and taking care of it meticulously with beard oils and balm.

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